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Viktória Fekete

/ recruiter

I am Viktória Fekete and I have been in the Enterworks Kft. team since September 2019 as a recruiter. The main part of my work is helping and informing people about finding jobs and joining them to our partner companies. My important task is to give the candidates an accurate explanation about the work, respectively to help them with further processes and to integrate them into the labour market world.

If you are looking for a job, do not hesitate to contact me!

Elérhetőségek: fekete.viktoria@enterworks.eu +36 301 577 213

My name is Benedetta Bacsó, I am working in the Nyíregyháza office of Enterworks Kft. since January 2021, in recruitment area. Among my daily tasks belongs the informing the applicants of the current opportunities and keeping the continuous contact with the interested people.

I try to get to potential jobseekers on as many surfaces as possible and find the right job opportunities for them. I also take part in sales tasks, I perform mainly administrative tasks in this area.

Elérhetőségek: bacso.benedetta@enterworks.eu +36 301 237 078

Benedetta Erzsébet Bacsó

/ recruiter

Szidónia Barkaszi

/ rectuiter

I am Szidónia Barkaszi and I have strenghtened the Enterworks Nyíregyháza team as a recruiter since January 2021. I have worked as a teacher in the past years which makes it easy for me to get in touch with the employees.

In my work I keep in touch with a number of applicants on a daily basis and my aim is to help as many people as possible to find a suitable job. So, if you are looking for a job, do not hesitate to contact me!

Elérhetőségek: barkaszi.szidonia@enterworks.eu +36 301 237 076

My name is Andrea Horváth and I am working by the Enterworks Kft. since Autumn 2018, in the HR area.

My work primarily begins with creation of a new job and ends with its termination.

To my HR-work is tied: full information of the employees, writing contracts, work enterings and exits, handing over all kinds of documentation (cafeteria, tax papers etc.), I also have access to payroll and social insurance services.

Basically, I am driven by help, understanding and empathy, so if you have any questions regarding the area of labour, feel free to contact me!

Elérhetőségek: hr@enterworks.eu +36 301 607 147

Andrea Horváth

/ HR coordinator

Zsuzsanna Kerecsényi

/ HR assistant

My name is Zsuzsanna Kerecsényi and I am working by the Enterworks Kft. as a HR assistant since October 2019. I have spent more than 20 years in the sales area, constantly dealing with people, so the challenges of the HR work are not unknown for me.

It is important that I can effectively support the work of HR coordinators. My main tasks are administration, contract preparation, documentation management involving the entry and exit of the employees.

If you can not reach the coordinator, feel free to search me!

Elérhetőségek: kerecsenyi.zsuzsanna@enterworks.eu +36 301 607 165

I am Dóra Kiszeli and I am working for the Enterworks Kft. since October 2020. During my work I provide a channel between the two endpoints, namely the partner companies and employees.

As an employee you will meet me at the first interview and I will escort and help you every day.

As a project coordinator I can help you with HR related issues.

My days are characterized by a lot of travelling that require good organizational skills, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, I will find time to solve them.

Elérhetőségek: kiszeli.dora@enterworks.eu +36 301 304 293

Kiszeli Dóra

/ project coordinator

Major Bettina

/ Pénzügyi-és ügyvezetői asszisztens


Major Bettina vagyok, az Enterworks Kft. viszonylag új tagjaként mutatom be magam, hiszen 2021. májusában kezdtem el a csapat tagjaként dolgozni. Munkám a pénzügyi terület támogatása, illetve asszisztensként az Ügyvezető igazgató munkájának segítése. Feladataim nagy kihívást jelentenek számomra, hiszen mindkét feladatkörben maximálisan helyt kell állnom, mivel a cég életében mindegyik terület fontos szerepet tölt be.

Bátran forduljatok hozzám, hogyha kérdésetek van a pénzügyi terület felé, illetve akkor is, hogyha kapcsolatba szeretnél lépni Cégünkkel!

Elérhetőségek: accounting@enterworks.eu +36 30 864 6654

I am Maja Margaréta Bári, I have been working for Enterworks Kft. since November 2019 and I manage the central office in Győr. My tasks include monitoring operational processes, recruitment and professional support for HR, contacts with existing partners and ensuring smooth communication between colleagues and the company management.

If you need a stable workforce or to contact our company, please, contact me!

Elérhetőségek: coordinator@enterworks.eu +36301774478

Maja Margaréta Bári

/ office manager

Rudolf Körmöczi

/ Operative manager

My name is Rudolf Körmöczi, I have been working for Enterworks Kft. as an operative manager since 1st June 2020. My tasks include coordinating, optimising and developing processes between partners and entities within the organisation and the supply of services for personnel-hire and intermediation, the sale of the services. My aim is to meet the expectations of our clients and the quality of the orders and to achieve the satisfaction of the employees. If you need a reliable workforce, feel free to contact me!

Elérhetőségek: kormoczi.rudolf@enterworks.eu +36301559809

My name is Pál Varga and I am the executive director of the company Enterworks Kft. As executive director I have always sought to offer customers an effective and rapid solution to human resource problems. My goal is that Enterworks Kft. should be a multinational company offering complex solutions to its partners.


Pál Varga

/ Executive director